ICYMI #12: Community playlists, Stewardship vote live, community highlights, creative opportunities

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  1. New community playlists!

  2. Stewardship proposal live - vote now!

  3. Community highlight call notes: with Brooke D.

  4. Opportunities

1. New community playlists

Discover fresh artists hand-picked by the community through two biweekly-updated playlists. Check out & follow our recent update on Spotify:

For this week’s web3 picks, keep a close eye on the Twitter account. We’re dropping a new playlist later today.

2. Stewardship proposal live - vote by Nov 7!

We recently put our stewardship proposal up for community discussion on Discord. DAO members (holders of the Founding Pass NFT) can now vote on the proposal.

It is the final stage of the governance committee model outlined in our recent Town Hall session.

The proposal includes:

  • The nomination of 3 stewards to help build governance rails for the community, be a touch point for project leads, and help members with proposals.

  • The institution of a governance committee that includes the core team and stewards.

  • A 2000 USDC fee to be allocated towards the stewards for the entire season. (~3 months)

Read the details here and vote by Nov 7.

3. Community Highlight notes: Brooke D.

In this week’s Community Highlights call, we learned more about Brooke D., the artist currently featured in our Community Gallery.

Brooke is a musician, songwriter, author, poet, teacher, psychic medium, and multidimensional artist. She spoke about being bold and courageous as an artist and shared that her “heart is bigger than her body”.

“I really believe artists are the raw nerve of society.” - Brooke D.

Brooke shared how she balances her multiple creative pursuits and the interplay between all of them. To her, creative expression is a “cyclical path not a straight line path.”

She seeks to always be experimenting and trying new things: “If you know what I'm doing next, then I'm doing it wrong". Brooke aims to not only create for the present moment but for the future. She emphasised how important it is to her to stay true to what she feels called to express rather than compromising to cater to trends: “What is popular doesn’t always mean what’s deep.”

Stay tuned for future Community Highlight calls and follow the Twitter account for updates.

4. Opportunities

Here are a few highlights of recent opportunities shared by community members, for community members.

  • GopherTJ is working on a Web3 Film Festival to support creators with up to $20,000 in grants available. Learn more.

  • Bandcamp is looking for pitches for articles exploring our emotional relationship to music. ($375 fee)

  • Sotheby’s is looking for a few artworks to illustrate a course about NFTs.

Already part of the community? Head over to #opportunities-and-collab to read more about the above and access the links.

Not yet part? Join our Discord and follow the instructions in the #start channel.

Missed the previous ICYMI?

It dove into the following topics:

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  2. Community playlist: web3 picks

  3. Stewardship nominee intro call: Thursday the 27th @ 830a PT / 530p CET

  4. GroundSpace: communal healing

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  6. Short updates: NFT gallery, New York irl

  7. Scenius

Read it here:

See you for the next ICYMI in 2 weeks!

In the DAO or Community and want to contribute to ICYMI? Please find the #editorial channel.


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