ICYMI #9: Pardal enters the gallery, editorial talent wanted, going IRL, view the directory

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  1. Community gallery: Pardal

  2. Merged & carbon offset

  3. Calling editorial talent

  4. IRL with Refraction

  5. Explore the community member directory

  6. Core team focus

  7. Portuguese call with JUNE

1. Community gallery: Pardal

For the next two weeks we’re featuring Pardal.

“I’m Pardal, 28 year old piscian lgbtq+ introspective & soft artist, born in Belo Horizonte (MG)/ Brazil. Studied Cinema & Audiovisual in college. As a visual artist I try to capture in a more subtle way from my synesthetic daily life, the symbologies that permeate the archetypes in my existence as a lgbtq+ person.”

Check out more of Pardal's work here: https://www.instagram.com/prdal.art/

The community gallery workgroup curates art for our gallery by selecting works posted in our community channel #🎨│visual-art so we encourage you to keep posting your own work or other work you like there for consideration.

2. Merged & carbon offset

We're SO excited about the post-merge future of Ethereum, which also makes it ~99.95% more energy efficient. To celebrate, we've just offset the carbon from our Founding Pass NFT drop so far with Aerial.

3. Calling editorial talent

When we made our Discord largely community-only following our Founding Pass NFT drop, our intention was to reduce the noise, so that we can start building community narratives that can be projected far beyond the Discord.

We are quietly working on setting up editorial and content strategies. If you have expertise in this area, we invite you to join the community or say hi in the #editorial channel on Discord if you’re already a member.

Once the community NFT gallery goes live in coming months, we also aim to launch accompanying editorial for the art and artists that are to be featured.

4. IRL with Refraction

Several community members came together to put together a proposal for a cross-community collaboration with Refraction (a ‘decentralized festival’). The proposal was awarded a $5,000 budget to set up its in-person event in New York.

Congratulations to the project team and we will keep you in the loop once more details emerge (thread). Interested in events in the physical planes of existence? Hop on over to #irl on Discord. We’ll have a European-based event opportunity soon!

5. Explore the community member directory

In order to make the community easier to navigate, from person-to-person, beyond Discord, we have created a directory which enables Founding Pass NFT holders to list themselves.

Want to get an overview of the writers, curators or photographers in our community? Click on one of the filters and tap through to visit people’s Twitter profiles, if they’ve added them.

If you’ve collected one of our Founding Pass NFTs, head on over to our community website, navigate to the directory, connect your wallet, and click on the tap menu to navigate to your profile.

Explore the directory here.

6. Core team focus

Currently the core team’s attention is split among various priorities not already mentioned in this update:

  • Community NFT gallery: supporting the curation process with connections as well building out the technical functionality for the NFT gallery.

  • Stewardship & governance: during our recent Town Hall we previewed our governance process, which we wrote about in the previous ICYMI. We are now working on defining budgets, drafting a proposal, and identifying stewardship zones and interviewing potential stewards with extensive experience in priority domains. This will be put to a vote soon.

  • Vietnam curation: the community has been working alongside the COLORSxSTUDIOS curation team to co-curate for upcoming shoots of A COLORS SHOW in Vietnam. We are rounding up phase 1 with a reflection session next week and then proceeding to phase 2, through which we’ll explore the potential of a web3 layer to this curation cycle.

  • Partnerships: we are talking to a number of exciting partners which will help us bring in larger budgets for top notch content production, NFT drops, events and other types of activities. Please feel free to ping @basgras or @jeremygrinberg should you want to explore partnership.

7. Portuguese call with JUNE

During our weekly Portuguese-speaking call we invited JUNE. She's a Brazilian singer and songwriter from Florianópolis. In an exceptionally open and honest conversation, she shared about the process of accepting herself as an artist, about feeling lonely after finishing a long awaited project and also about the creation process of her recently released album album "Crying For Attention".

Missed the previous ICYMI?

It dove into the following topics:

  1. Community gallery: weepingsnakes

  2. Meet the curatorial board: community NFT gallery

  3. Governance process explained

  4. Launch: DAO Directory

  5. Launch: community dashboard (Notion)

  6. Town Hall recap

  7. MusicOS allowlist

Read it here:

See you for the next ICYMI in 2 weeks!

In the DAO or Community and want to contribute to ICYMI? Please find the #editorial channel.


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