April 1st, 2022

COLORS is building a DAO with its community. We create space, network and funding for non-ordinary expression through our interdisciplinary global network of creatives.

Our intention is for the community to integrate with COLORS in all aspects: creatively, curatorially, editorially, and financially.


During the 5 years since inception, COLORS has released over 600 shows, with 100 shows being released per year, gathering a global audience of millions and totalling a YouTube view count of over 2 billion.

Additionally COLORS produces IRL experiences with our most recent iteration happening this past year in Paris. The pop-up event took place over 15 days, featuring 35 COLORS alumni, exhibitions, art installations, performances, DJ Sets, workshops and masterclasses.

We have started to connect our community on Discord, bridging creative disciplines to build a community that can support, sustain, develop and amplify itself. Our budding community already counts hundreds of artists, producers, songwriters, designers, videographers, and curators from around the world.


The community is currently in its pre-DAO phase during which we run various trials with early community members.

  • Weekly Talks: every Wednesday we host a call to talk about what’s happening inside our community. We listen to music NFTs before the start of the hour and in the second half of the hour we are joined by an artist to talk about their creative journey. Artists who have joined us already include Adria Kain, Erick the Architect, Haleek Maul, Iman Europe, Jimmy Edgar, Lagoon Wavey, and LATASHÁ.
  • Membership curation: while the majority of our Discord is open to all, the core community channels require an application to join the community. This is reviewed by the community’s application reviewers.
  • Community gallery: at the top of our Discord we host our community gallery in which we showcase visual art by our community. At the time of writing, we are featuring the art of community member Leticia Ferraz.
  • Editorial: the community collates notes from our weekly talks and turns them into brief bulletins. These bulletins align the community and helps us build bridges across our community to be inclusive of non-English speakers. Editorial pieces by COLORS also feature calls to participation, which allows us to explore how to create dynamic communities around the deep dives we do to bring social & political context to the art we feature.
  • Local communities: we are connecting local communities, so that they can showcase their scenes and artists to the wider COLORS community around the globe.
  • Music curation: we are developing tools & workflows to identify the best ways for the community to give meaningful input into the curation processes for COLORS shows.


Our intention is to develop a collaborative symbiosis between the COLORS team and the community. Through shared identity, values, and purpose, we will collaborate deeply on topics ranging from editorial and curation to merch, digital collectibles, irl and url events, and show production.

Web3 provides the easiest way to be inclusive of our community while staying true to our values. All COLORS, no genres. To reflect our commitment to sustainable practices, we will find energy-efficient ways to achieve our goals, offsetting excess carbon related to our activities in the process.


We are working on our first drop, which will set the community treasury up with funds to launch its initial projects and collaborations to highlight the community’s outstanding standards for curation.

To participate in this first drop, keep a close eye on @colorsxdao on Twitter or leave your email & wallet address in the form to get notified before we go live.

If you share our values, we invite you to join our Discord:

There, you can get to know the community connected by a passion for art & music. Let everyone know who you are and what you do in the introductions channel.


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