We are creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)¹ with our community.

COLORS is a unique, aesthetic culture platform that aims to provide space, accessibility, and representation for all forms of creativity. Our vision is to be the world’s most impactful & purpose-driven music brand connecting people and creative disciplines.

To date, our shows have accrued over 2 billion views on YouTube, over 300 million audio streams, and are celebrated for representing exceptional performers from all around the globe. In short, we’re committed to providing a stage for non-ordinary expression.

Dua Saleh, premiered on 9 May 2019
Dua Saleh, premiered on 9 May 2019


Our study across global creatives in key cities Lagos, London, New York, Paris, São Paulo, and Seoul found 3 common obstacles shared worldwide:

  • A lack of opportunity to monetize one’s craft
  • A lack of spaces to meaningfully express oneself
  • A lack of network, community, and chances to connect with other creatives

The COLORS COMMUNITY DAO’s goal is to create a valuable global network, space, and funding for non-ordinary expression. Through establishing ourselves as a DAO, we will ensure principles of equitable participation in value and community autonomy are built in by default.

We dream of building a community that creates together while governing a communal treasury.


We have an interdisciplinary vision of art and culture. We bridge the audible and the visible, the verbal and the unspoken.

Artists & creatives from COLORS’ network are the primary target audience we have in mind for DAO participation. They already have a shared identity through their link to COLORS.

By uniting them, we aim to create the world’s most impactful interdisciplinary community of creatives and curators. Members will be able to participate in co-curation by helping to influence the artists that are chosen for COLORS Shows, playlists, apparel drops, etc.

We want to prioritise inclusion by removing economic barriers to participation, therefore membership is free by default so that we can stay inclusive. The community will curate its own members, focusing on bringing in creatives from a wide variety of disciplines.

The goal is not to create a paid membership model, but a membership that pays.

KIRBY, premiered on 30 Nov 2020
KIRBY, premiered on 30 Nov 2020


The COLORS COMMUNITY DAO will create value for its members through grants systems. Artists will be able to apply for a grant, work with the community on their art project, and then sell that art with a revenue split that pays both the artist and community treasury. Through recurring cycles of curation, co-creation, and monetization, the community can keep its treasury, and itself, funded.

We are currently exploring what this may look like, taking inspiration from artists like Jesse Boykins III, Allan Kingdom, and Masego who have graced the COLORS stage in the past and are now active in the web3 domain.

Fana Hues, premiered on 9 Dec 2021
Fana Hues, premiered on 9 Dec 2021


As a community, we align ourselves with COLORS’ social responsibility statement.

We are committed to creating an inclusive space where diverse and unique perspectives can coexist. We are passionate about amplifying original artists, connecting people on an emotional level, and using the power of art to transcend borders, languages and genres. All COLORS, no genres.

To reflect our commitment to sustainable practices, we will also find energy-efficient ways to achieve our goals, offsetting excess carbon related to our activities in the process.

These values and principles guide our decision making. In the case of sustainability and economic inclusion, we may choose to conduct certain on-chain² activities on L2s³, for lower costs related to transactions and lower environmental footprints.

If you hold the same values, we would like to invite you to join our Discord by submitting a membership application.

ÀVUÀ, premiered on 20 Dec 2021
ÀVUÀ, premiered on 20 Dec 2021


We are supported by the entire COLORS team. The DAO’s founding team members with track records in web3 are Bas Grasmayer and Jeremy Grinberg. Feel free to DM them, or @colorsxdao, with questions.


  1. DAO stands for ‘decentralized autonomous organisation’. This allows us to set the community up with its own shared bank account and let the community members participate in its governance.
  2. On-chain means activities that are registered to a blockchain, e.g. sending membership tokens to a new member.
  3. L2 stands for ‘layer two’, which refers to blockchains that interact with a ‘layer one’ such as Ethereum. These are often designed to operate faster and more efficiently, while still being able to extend layer one’s security benefits.

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