ICYMI #5: Weekly Update

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  1. Community NFT gallery: curation brainstorm
  2. Curatorial research: brainstorms + incoming tracks
  3. Editorial Guild
  4. Community Playlists

We are working on our own gallery which will allow us to put the spotlight on artists from around the globe. This week we brainstormed around the type of art we want to curate, how curation should work, and how value might flow.

Next steps:

  • Marie will share further iterations of designs for the gallery
  • The core team will facilitate the foundation of a curatorial board, voted in by the DAO for specific timeframes

Please refer to the NFT gallery channels on Discord for details.

Curatorial research: brainstorms + incoming tracks

Every week at 3pm CET / 9am EST we hop on a call to discuss community curation for an upcoming series of shows COLORSxSTUDIOS will be shooting. This week we covered:

  • What are criteria that we will look for in artists?
  • What can community-native curation look like? (ie. regardless of A COLORS SHOW format)
  • What could NFT drops around this curation cycle look like?
  • What are other revenue streams artists & the DAO could benefit from?

Meanwhile, music submissions from people in our target location in South East Asia have started coming in. DAO members can find songs in the #trax channel and access a Spotify playlist that captures most of the submissions.

Next steps:

  • Start actively identifying & highlighting exceptional artists
  • Lock in 2-3 revenue generating concepts that can fund the DAO treasury. This will then be reviewed by the COLORSxSTUDIOS team, so we can proceed in partnership.

Our first listening party to review submitted tracks is happening at 6pm ET on Aug 5 in the community section of our Discord.

Editorial Guild

Everyone with an interest to work on editorial topics inside and outside the community / DAO is invited to hop on over to the #editorial channel on Discord.

One of the projects being discussed is a COLORSxCOMMUNITY Zine. A template for how we might approach this is available here. Find the corresponding thread here.

Community Playlists

A new channel has been created for community #playlist-curation.

We will begin testing Ooh La La and focus on curating Web 3 native artists. The curation team will work to deliver a bi-weekly playlist and invite the featured artist on the playlist cover to the Community Highlights.

You can find the strategy template document here.

Curating community found artists is key to establishing our identity as a global creative community. Through curation, we can begin to establish our own identity in the emergent Music Web 3 space and beging to interact with other DAOs with authority. COLORSxCOMMUNITY curation will also help inform other processes such as:


In the DAO or Community and want to contribute to ICYMI #5? Please find the corresponding thread in the #editorial channel, here.


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