ICYMI #10: Community playlist release, governance committee proposal, editorial strategy
Sorrel Salb
October 7th, 2022

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest from the COLORSxCOMMUNITY.

  1. Community gallery: call for submissions

  2. Community playlists: new release

  3. Governance committee proposal + stewardship team nominees

  4. Founding pass NFT seasonal mint

  5. Editorial + content contributions

  6. Core team focus

1. Community gallery: call for submissions

Art featured in our Community Gallery has mainly been curated from works created by our community members so far. The Community Gallery curation team will shift to also curating more work from artists not yet in our community.

Have a piece in mind which you would love to see featured? Drop it in the #🎨│visual-art channel in our Discord for consideration.

2. Community playlists: new release

A community playlist curation team has formed and today we are publishing the first playlist co-curated by 15+ community members. This playlist contains 10 tracks with a similar sound to what we know from COLORSxSTUDIOS and features several artists who are members of our community.

New community playlists will be released every Friday, alternating between playlists curated on Spotify one week and a new Ooh La La playlist the next week.

Enjoy these tracks as you finish up your Friday and start into the weekend 🎶

Cover: Rush Davis
Cover: Rush Davis

Submit tracks for inclusion in the next playlists here.

3. Governance committee proposal + stewardship team nominees

This week the nominees to form our Stewardship team for this season were put forward. The Stewardship team will join the Core Team to make up the Governance Committee. Following valuable feedback and discussion with DAO members, it has been decided that extra conversations and steps may need to occur before the proposal can be moved to Snapshot.

Head over to our #📃proposal-forum for the full details of the proposal.

4. Founding pass NFT seasonal mint

If you are a holder of one of our Founding Pass NFTs which give you access to our DAO, we have been working on a new seasonal mint for you which we will be sharing more details on soon. If you don’t already have a pass, you can purchase one here.

5. Editorial + content contributions

We will soon be opening up the process for editorial and social media content contributions. If you would like to get involved, keep an eye on the #editorial channel on Discord for next steps.

6. Core team focus

Right now the core team is focusing on these areas in addition to projects already mentioned in this update:

  • Community NFT gallery: supporting the curation process with connections and direction. We are also building out the technical functionality and design for the NFT gallery.

  • Vietnam curation: the community has been working alongside the COLORSxSTUDIOS curation team to co-curate for upcoming shoots of A COLORS SHOW in Vietnam. We have rounded up phase 1 with a reflection session this week and will then proceed to phase 2, through which we’ll explore the potential of a web3 layer to this curation cycle.

  • Partnerships: we are talking to a number of exciting partners that will help us bring in larger budgets for top-notch content production, NFT drops, events, and other types of activities. Please feel free to ping @basgras or @Jeremygrinberg should you want to explore a partnership.

  • Notion: we are continuing to update our Notion to give all members the information and tools they need. Recently we have been supporting community members to begin using project boards for better coordination of projects.

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It dove into the following topics:

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  2. Merged & carbon offset

  3. Calling editorial talent

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See you for the next ICYMI in 2 weeks!

In the DAO or Community and want to contribute to ICYMI? Please find the #editorial channel.


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