ICYMI #1: Weekly Update
July 8th, 2022

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest from the COLORSxCOMMUNITY.

  1. ICYMI
  2. Founding the DAO
  3. Curatorial research
  4. Founding Member Assets
  5. New DAO Perks
  6. Seed Club
  7. Upcoming


Shared experience is what binds community and shapes identity. Less than a year ago, we booted up the Discord (discord.gg/colorsxstudios) with a dozen or so people. It has grown into a thriving space with hundreds of people joining every month and over a thousand messages sent per week.

ICYMI, short for In Case You’ve Missed It, catches you up, so we can stay aligned and focused on what’s next.

We’ll be minting these updates as NFTs with a supply equal to the ICYMI edition number. For example, in week 2 there will be 2 NFTs available, in week 50 there will be 50. This week, there’s just 1.

Founding the DAO

On June 2, we launched our Founding Pass NFTs. These passes allow their collectors to become founding members of our DAO. If that term is unfamiliar to you, think of it as a community with a shared bank account. We envision the DAO to emerge as the governance layer for our community of communities. We are excited to welcome you on our progressive path to decentralization.

In total, a maximum of 1700 passes will exist. To date, around 300 passes have been minted for 0.25 ETH each. We have also airdropped around a dozen to core contributors in the community and we’ll shortly be setting up the COLORS team and COLORS Show alumni with their own passes.

If you already hold a Founding Pass:

If you don’t hold a Founding Pass, you can view all the benefits and purchase one here: https://community.colorsxstudios.com/

Can’t afford it? The community is accessible to anyone. Members will be able to enter the DAO in the future through valued contributions.

Curatorial research

Our first grand alignment experiment between the COLORSxSTUDIOS team and COLORSxCOMMUNITY will be a curatorial research project which will hopefully lead to the community co-curating upcoming COLORS Shows. This will focus on a country in east Asia selected by the COLORS team. The project has 3 components:

  • Excitement: expanding our knowledge and community through shared excitement around the artistic & music practices of our focus area.
  • Refinement: categorising and highlighting aspects of our ongoing research. Think: virtual listening parties, playlists, editorial and interviews with local artists & tastemakers.
  • Alignment: identifying best outcomes with the COLORS’ team for their curation flow, plus revenue opportunities. The alignment team will also create a proposal for contributor compensation (e.g. in the form of tokens, stablecoin, etc.).

In the DAO and want to help with project management? Please report to the #curatorial-research channel. It’s advised to be in a timezone that is in the range of UTC-5 to UTC+9.

Our next call is Tuesday July 12, 1pm UTC on Discord. We’ll be chatting with COLORS’ curators.

Founding Member Assets

Are you a Founding Pass holder? We’ve got assets for you, ranging from PFPs to banner images to show off your founding member status of the DAO!

Report to the Founding Member Asset thread in #dao-chat: https://discord.com/channels/653274289205805056/983882145670004776

We can also flavor it with color! 💜

New DAO perks

Gallery partnership

Gallery is a social platform for NFTs where you can easily curate and share your NFT collection in a super clean and minimalist style. They’re currently in closed beta while they build out their social features and are offering our community early access.

If anyone is curious as to what Gallery looks like, here is a sample page: https://gallery.so/dcinvestor

A snapshot of all of our Founding Pass holders has been taken at 8A PST, 11A EST on Thursday June 16th. If you held a Founding Pass before this date, you will be able to onboard to Gallery and begin curating your profile.

Here are their links! Website: https://gallery.so/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gallery Discord: https://discord.gg/vBqBEH8GaM

Water & Music partnership

Water & Music is a research DAO focused on analyzing music and tech trends. They’ve released several longform reports on topics including music, Web3, and creative AI, and will be launching their Season 2 research this week focused on music’s role in the metaverse.

Their goal for Season 2 is to provide a clear, actionable roadmap for what truly innovative, digital-native music metaverse experiences could look like, with frameworks for artists and their teams to start experimenting with metaverse-related tools and platforms today.

As part of their Season 2 launch, they’ll be releasing a limited number of annual and lifetime membership NFTs. Water & Music took a snapshot of Founding Pass NFT holders on July 2, enabling you to claim their membership NFT for 24 hours before the sale opens to the general public.

Annual membership NFTs are priced at 0.1ETH each, and lifetime at 0.3ETH each. W&M member benefits include access to:

  • An exclusive archive of 200+ articles and databases on music and tech
  • A private Discord server, which is W&M’s main community and collab-research hub
  • Weekly newsletters tracking music/tech trends and rounding up community discussions in the server

To mint a W&M Season 2 NFT and support their ongoing music/tech research, go here: https://stream.waterandmusic.com

Q&A with Seed Club

Community stewards Jeremy & Bas did a Q&A for Seed Club’s Club Network Journal and dove into our Founding Pass ideation, building in web3, and why web3 in the first place.


The team is hard at work making preparations for DAO’s first season, which we’ll kick off in coming weeks.

Season 1 public focus areas:

  • Curatorial research
  • NFT projects
  • Membership directory

Season 1 behind the scenes:

  • Establishing community project management with Wonder & Mochi
  • First governance iterations & proposal workflows

We’ll keep you updated weekly through ICYMI & our Weekly Talks on Wednesday, 3pm UTC.


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