ICYMI #2: Weekly Update
July 15th, 2022

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest from the COLORSxCOMMUNITY.

  1. Curatorial research
  2. NFT Gallery
  3. Community survey
  4. Discord reorganization
  5. DAO Perk: Lens allowlist
  6. Let’s do some events?
  7. Upcoming

Curatorial research

We’ve had our first session with the COLORS curation team to discuss co-curation for COLORS Shows. This is for a specific upcoming regional series COLORSxSTUDIOS will be recording in South East Asia.

  • The COLORS team talked about how they curate artists and music for shows.
  • They detailed their workflow and their vision for where community contributions are most useful.
  • We discussed how the community can contribute and what would be fun to do.

Next steps:

  • Set up basic workflow for community curatorial efforts around this production cycle.
  • Brainstorm potential revenue streams & opportunities for the community. Basically: in return for doing this, what do we want as a DAO?

This is an important opportunity to develop collaborative symbiosis and start making the community integral to the way COLORS operates. It also provides us with an opportunity to develop templates for how we distribute value across organizations.

For full details (incl. which country we’re curating for) + all notes, we invite verified community members and Founding Pass NFT holders to visit the Curatorial Research #project-discussion channel on Discord.

NFT Gallery

The core team will soon commence work on our very own NFT gallery.


  • Seasonal mints for Founding Pass NFT holders
  • Community-curated NFT series


We want to ship early to be able to validate our ideas. That means we try to keep the scope of shippable products limited. This means that we can test out new ideas fairly quickly and iterate on them.


Marie, our designer, has compiled a list of inspirations and added them to a discussion document. Please leave your thoughts and any other inspirations in the document. You can get access to the document if you’re a Founding Pass NFT holder by navigating to the NFT Gallery #information channel on Discord.


We'll design a few early concepts & gather input before building the first version of our gallery. This will be a great time to discuss mechanisms, dynamics, etc.


We'll be doing jams in Figma, discussing live through calls / workshops, and gathering research and input through documents. We'll update you here. If you have specific skills you want to share, let us know in #discussion.

Community survey

Last chance: Feems is collecting feedback for a community survey. You can chime in and contribute questions. We’ll be addressing the input during our next Town Hall (date TBD).

Get your thoughts in by Friday (today!).

You can find Feems’ message in the #community-chat channel that should be available to all verified community members and Founding Pass NFT holders.

Discord reorganization

Community team member Sorrel has been working hard to create a more streamlined and focused outline for the community that emphasises our collaborative efforts.

It means reducing the number of channels to create less fragmentation, but also to reduce distractions for our community collaboration.

You can find the announcement here.

Please review and share your feedback.

DAO perk: Lens allowlist

Our friends at Lens took a snapshot of Founding Pass NFT holders earlier this week and placed everyone on the allowlist to claim a Lens profile.

What is Lens?

“Lens Culinaris 🌿 is a tall, branched plant with pods of lens-shaped, small lentils. It has a symbiotic relationship with certain soil bacteria. If the roots are left in the ground, they will provide a source of nitrogen for its neighbor.

LENS PROTOCOL is a composable and decentralized social graph. It lets creators take ownership of their content wherever they go in the digital garden of the decentralized internet.”

Go claim your profile and follow us on Lenster! Send us a message so we can follow you back. 💞

Let’s do some events?

The community is reviewing RefractionDAO’s grants for events. Let’s give a stage to non-ordinary talent from across our communities. If you’re a Founding Pass NFT holder, please refer to #events to learn more and start collaborating on proposals.


We’re finishing up work on our season 1 announcement which will be followed by a town hall.

We find it especially pertinent to clearly outline the relation of COLORSxSTUDIOS, the DAO and the community, plus our thoughts around stewardship and progressive decentralization. Building a decentralized entity to represent the community of a non-web3 native centralized entity comes with unique challenges. The way we address these challenges may become a template for other communities that move to web3 rails in order to collectively capture the value they create.

We will detail these challenges in our season 1 announcement and are looking forward to creating sustainable frameworks for interdependence with all founding members and the COLORS team.

If you’d like to contribute to ICYMI and you’re in the community, head on over to #editorial.

We’ll keep you updated weekly through ICYMI & our Weekly Talks on Wednesday, 3pm UTC.


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